We founded our development agency in 2015 to team up with companies to shape the future and make them successful through design & technology. We decided to go with the name ‘Makery’, since we wanted to make an impact. We always think of ourselves as makers who can create a world where digital services form people's habits for the better. And finally, Makery was our platform where we all could contribute to reaching our goals.

As a team, we are as good as each of us, combined. We chose the way of growing organically, focusing on talents and culture fit. Scaling up to almost 30 team members, we had the chance to work with amazing brands and industry leaders (Samsung, Hiya, Lufthansa Systems, Coup, Spotify, and so on) on heavily innovative products while keeping sustainability in mind.

In recent years, we’ve established a strong relationship with TIER, Europe’s fully climate-neutral micro-mobility leader, currently operating in 95+ cities across 11 countries in Europe and the Middle East. We are proud to have successfully supported TIER’s product and tech team during their impressive growth journey and towards a more sustainable future. We’ve developed mutual trust and have the shared vision of changing mobility for good.

In April 2021, our paths crossed permanently, and Makery joined TIER. We are thrilled to announce that we’ve transformed into TIER’s largest tech-focused hub outside of its headquarters in Berlin and London. Budapest will also be one of many new cities in Central and Eastern Europe where TIER will launch its service in 2021.

Adding to its current workforce of more than 900 employees, TIER will keep all of Makery’s 27 highly skilled experts in the field of product strategy, product design, engineering, and project management.

Our team in Budapest will be responsible for building the company’s consumer-facing products, led by the Makery founding team András Kindler, Gyula Vörös and Balázs Zsédely, who all join TIER’s leadership team.

As an agency, we made it. As a Tech Hub, now it’s time to focus on changing mobility for good. We encourage you to join us! Let’s roll together on the streets of Budapest too!

Feel free to reach out to us at hello@makery.co.

Founders' note

“We are humbled and happy to join TIER. We have been working with TIER closely for years now, and we already think of the team as colleagues and friends. We’re very excited to make this happen.”

András Kindler, co-founder of Makery and new VP Engineering at TIER

“Mobility and sustainability were always among our focus areas, and TIER brings the best of both worlds. We will have the unique opportunity to change mobility for good, from the heart of Budapest.”

Balázs Zsédely, co-founder of Makery and new Tech Hub Director at TIER

“We always strived to build a hub in Budapest, where talented people can work on highly impactful problems that actually make a difference. We are excited to continue on this journey together with TIER.”

Gyula Vörös, co-founder of Makery and new VP Engineering at TIER

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