Engineering Manager position at Makery


We are building the leading European mobility platform with our partner that more than 1.5M people use every month. We solve interesting challenges in the domain of urban mobility with a culturally diverse and international team. You’ll get the chance to shape how people commute every day for the better, thereby making cities more livable.


In this role, you will manage 4 to 5 developers spread across one or two cross-functional teams. Besides managing others, you will be involved in defining your team’s roadmap and metrics and monitor how new features and services are performing. You will have a direct impact on your team’s performance and the evolution of the product.

You will help Makery building an outstanding team of developers through hiring, mentoring, and coaching – all while having regular one-on-ones with your direct reports.

  • Enable others to reach their goals by aligning growth with opportunity.
  • Set expectations, provide regular feedback, and measure your team’s performance.
  • Help to resolve interpersonal and technical conflicts within the team.

You will strive to make your team more performant through driving execution, prioritizing unowned or undesirable work, and holding others -and yourself- to high engineering standards.

  • Foster ownership, pragmatic decision-making, and velocity in the team.
  • Develop efficient processes that enable your team to move faster.

We have well-established development practices, and our ways of working are lean and transparent. A few highlights:

  • Development is customer-centric: we make sure that we understand what we are building (why? what? how?).
  • We build native mobile apps using up-to-date technologies and patterns; we write code in Kotlin and Swift.
  • We write automated tests in many layers and have a complete CI/CD lifecycle; we release regularly.
  • We often collaborate to solve problems together and peer review every change, along with multiple automation.


We are looking for Engineering Managers who have a proven track record of managing technical teams that involve mobile developers – having a background in mobile development and being familiar with the latest tech is a huge plus.

At Makery, we value Engineering Managers who are able to create a fulfilling work environment for the whole team and lead people effectively where they do their best work.

Ideally, you have experience across the full tech stack: backend and mobile. You have a holistic understanding of how the moving parts fit together and can effectively communicate with all of the developers regardless of the platform. You are able to occasionally deliver hands-on work to unblock your team.

When it comes to cultural fit, it is not something that we seek, rather something that we are open to. We encourage people to contribute to our culture in their unique ways. Essential traits that we all share and believe in are:

  • empathy and kindness;
  • the motivation for high-bandwidth collaboration;
  • good communication skills;
  • willingness to learn and experiment.


Here at Makery, we genuinely believe that work should be something that you enjoy and enables you to live a complete life. Our primary focus is that you have time and space for your loved ones. Beyond that, we also spend quality time with each other outside of work, and we regularly show up at meetups and conferences, both as attendees and speakers.

Our benefits include:

  • Flexible working hours.
  • We are fully remote-friendly; work from anywhere.
  • Unlimited paid holidays.
  • Summer and winter breaks.
  • Annual company retreats and regular team events.


Engineering Manager, full-time


This role is full-time in our Budapest office, and we are fully remote-friendly.

How to apply!

Please send your application via your favorite email client, please submit all the requested information (“Your preferred role”, “You’re available from”, “Three sentences about why you want to join us”, “your CV”) to


Here at Makery, we partner up with companies and build meaningful digital services that positively impact the world. How we collaborate is primary through consulting, contracting, and staff augmentation. We practice what we preach and preach what we practice; hence we are active members of the development community. We organize meetups and have our annual conferences focusing on Kotlin and Swift (for the time being), with hundreds of attendees worldwide.

“I guarantee you will not get bored here because of obsolete technologies.”

AdrianMobile Technologist

“Mondays used to be the days that I was not happy about at all, but at Makery I am always looking forward to start a new, exciting week with this inclusive and diverse community.”

CsillaOperations manager

“With Makery you always have the chance to solve interesting challenges, learn new things and make new friends.”

GergelySenior Mobile developer