Junior Android Developer


In this Role

You were always enthusiastic about smartphones, and fascinated by the apps and services millions of people use, love, and depend on day by day. You aspire to be among those who build them. You have some experience as a developer, basic knowledge of Android, an eagerness to learn, and a passion for problem solving. You think Kotlin is cool.

  • You have some experience in Kotlin (or in Java, but you want to learn Kotlin).
  • You are eager to learn reactive programming and functional programming techniques.
  • You take ownership of single tickets and bug reports.
  • You work based on detailed, well-defined specification.
  • Your work is thoroughly reviewed and you get constant feedback.
  • Your primarily focus is technical growth.

What is great about Us

As a team, we are as good as each of us, combined. This is why we have a strong focus on you, becoming a better version of yourself. As an agency, especially with a portfolio like ours, being able to master new skills and technologies is the baseline. You can take this opportunity to learn all kinds of things. Teaming up with other companies from different industries means you will have a very broad and unique perspective over time. This unique perspective will help you to make better decisions and have a greater impact on the world.

When it comes to our clients and our peers, we respect the same set of values: trust and transparency. Our clients trust us that we live up to what we've promised, and we trust each other that everybody in the team is doing its best to make that happen. Transparency means that we are comfortable with discussing difficulties and challenges that come along the way, so we can always be on the same page.

What is great about You

You are generally excited about technology and programming. When you have an internal motivation to learn new things, facing even the more difficult situations feel like a challenge. Because making software is something near to your heart, you care about its quality, so the end result will be of real value.

You care about technical excellence equally as you care about the end user. At the end of the day, our work will be judged based on what it feels like to interact with our products and services, and not on the underlying implementation. As professionals, we agree that the quality of the two usually correlates when we pay attention to the details.

You are a true Maker. Your mindset is "let's make this happen", rather than "it cannot be done, because…". While you are busy "finding the way", you prefer pragmatism and optimize for the task at hand.

You fit into Makery's culture just fine. What does this mean? We do not have an exact definition, so we have to get to know each other. You have a couple of opportunities to get a sense of what it's like to work with us: we are regularly attending meetups, we organize our own, we write blog posts, and have our own conference. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter for a closer look!

What can you expect, working Together

Working at Makery means that you barely have to wrestle with legacy codebases and technologies. We have a strong emphasis on using modern, industry-grade technologies and we prefer starting our projects from scratch, which gives us a lot of freedom. Our best-practices are version controlled, rather than written in stone, and they evolve over time. This means that we expect you to speak up when you find room for improvement and we promise that your voice will be heard.

Besides having a strong foundation in object oriented programming, we find great joy exploring and applying more and more functional programming techniques in our everyday codebases. We also heavily rely on reactive programming all across our systems (Rx and friends). In our interpretation, perfection means that there is nothing left to take away, rather than there is nothing left to add. We are striving for simplicity and keeping a distance from boilerplate. We have well defined development processes, assisted with tools (linters, formatters, continuous integration) and we do regular code reviews.

You will join a small but mighty team of passionate people where you'll have a direct impact on the product and with whom you'll make your own decisions. Collaboration, communication and skill-sharing are key, writing code is only part of the job. This position is full-time and on-site, but we are remote friendly and support flexible office-hours (you can read more about our perks below).

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On the way

We have lots of fun together, both in- and outside work. We spend quality time with each other: we organize monthly team events, and go on a retreat twice a year. Both work hours and location are flexible.

We value your life outside the office: our perks are targeted at work-life balance and wellbeing. We offer great benefits paired with reasonable work hours and multiple allowances, including fitness and travel. Also, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to recharge, with winter and summer breaks, an open vacation policy, and a paid sabbatical.

Over time

Joining Makery is the beginning of an exciting and rewarding journey. Onboarding with a certain role, doesn't mean retiring with the same title. We encourage and assist you to keep progressing in your career.

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