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Makery x MWC18

We are proud of working on the Places feature of the Contacts app, and being part of the Next Galaxy. Welcome S9! Samsung Galaxy S9 has business search capability within the dialer app.

S9 owners can use the “Places” tab to find a local business and make a call without having to switch apps. “Places” can also recommend businesses to the user based on their location and time of day. The feature is available to users in 27 countries, including the U.S.

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Makery delivers, no matter what. I had the pleasure to work with the team on the long-awaited Android app for Coup eScooter Sharing. I have never worked before with engineers who are not just highly predictable but also calm and focused. Would always do it again!

Robert WoloschanowskiChief of Product, Coup


As our mental models of the world are probably different, we start with reaching a common understanding about the problem you are going to solve and its context.


Building a truly amazing product or service is much more efficient when there is a really tight feedback cycle. We work closely together to make sure that we are keeping on track.


After successfully setting our goals aligned, we design processes for how we are going to reach them. This involves creating service, UX, UI, system and software designs.


Fantastic products have great vision and even greater support. Making sure that your service is available and doing good is our top priority. Also is iterating on the future roadmap.

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