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Discover the beauty of wallpapers!

Amazing photo sources. Geometric shapes. Cool filters and effects.


Choose your photo

You can import your own photo from your camera roll.



Pick different shapes, filters, effects for an outstanding look.



Refresh for a new random hipster wallpaper!


Real time sync

Sync wallpapers with your Android Watch or OS X homescreen.


Save wallpaper

Save your favourite ones and share it with friends.

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.”

– Ansel Adams

Mac App

  • Photos from Unsplash
  • Discover new artists
  • Random shapes, effects, filters
  • Synced with your iPhone
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iOS App

  • Photos from Unsplash
  • or from Camera roll
  • Customise shapes, effects, filters
  • Save wallpaper to Camera roll
  • Sync with your Mac
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Android App

  • Photos from Unsplash, 500px, Reddit
  • or from Gallery
  • Customise shapes, effects, filters
  • 3D parallax motion
  • Sync with Android Wear
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  • Photos from Unsplash,
    500px, Reddit
  • or from Gallery
  • Random shapes, filters, effects
  • Synced with your Android phone
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If you love Muzei, the fantastic live wallpaper app from Google’s Roman Nurik, you need to go download HPSTR Live Wallpaper immediately.

HPSTR applies different shapes that include filters over beautiful imagery, making anyone's background look like an Urban Outfitters ad.


HPSTR gives your homescreen a fresh new look from every 30 minutes up to daily hipness. Are you a hipster or do you still live black and white? Check out this app for yourself! - Brian

With so many possibilities it is not easy to decide which wallpaper is best for your smartphone. But if you are looking for a simpler option that represents your personality, HPSTR live wallpaper is an excellent option.

Victor JamesFreenetcrackerBlog

HPSTR will get your phone looking cool enough to pull out at the next Tame Impala gig.

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