Drops: visual language learning

No reading. No typing. Just five minutes a day. That’s how Drops promises to get you to learn one of 19 languages — spanning from French and Spanish to Korean and Arabic, Esperanto, is also included. Drops takes the boring out of language learning. Useful vocabulary is beamed into your memory through minimalist illustrations and fast paced micro-games.

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Quick and fun!

Learn by minimalist illustrations and fast paced micro-games.

More than 24 languages

Like English, Spanish, French and Chinese to more exotic ones like Korean, Arabic or Indonesian, etc.

Get addicted

It might look simple on the surface but there are incredibly powerful tricks under the hood.
What They’re Saying

Drops places a heavy emphasis on building vocabulary through nouns, which means you won’t get much in the way of grammar, usage, and conjugations.

Nikki EksteinBloomberg

It's an entertaining and educational way to spend five minutes.

John SmithLife Hacker

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