Tago Arc is a high-fashion JEWELRY

The full E Ink display on the bracelet and the tago app downloaded on your smartphone allows you to change the displayed pattern on the bracelet an infinite number of times and to whatever design you want it to – without having to recharge it, ever!

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  • iOS development
  • Android development
  • Backend development
  • DevOps


Tago Arc



What we delivered

We worked close with the hardware team to enable BLE both on Android and iOS. The application let you upload new designs to your bracelet smoothly.

How it works

What They’re Saying

When in its resting display state, e-ink does not draw power so no battery is needed to power the device at other times — so it’s a battery-free wearable

Natasha LomasTechCrunch

See, you can easily swap the design on the Tago Arc's e-ink screen, and since that screen takes up most of the accessory, you're effectively changing the jewelry's whole look

Mariella MoonEngadget

Buy a pic from the shop in the Tago app, put your phone on your bracelet, tap “transfer,” and voila! — the bracelet changes to the selected image.

Aliya BarnwellDigital Trends

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